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Jorge Clavijo

terrific job chad, quick and knowledge.

American Power Insurance

I highly recommend Lisa King for her prompt service and concerns about customer status. She is very professional and helpful. I really appreciate people like Lisa very well trained to meet customers satisfaction with the service provided by Expansion Capital Group. yours truly Ibrahim Ghanem

Wolf Pack

Working with expansion Capital Group has been a great experience. We have funded with expansion 4 times in the past 3 years and each time has been seamless and stress free. No hidden costs they tell you everything up front and funds available in 1-2 days. I would highly recommend them and Chad O. Has been great in helping streamline the process each and every time.

amber bromer

Super easy and my rep Dalton was extremely helpful!

Alonzo Everhart

Working with Expansion Capital was a great experience. Very simple approval process. My account rep was named Lisa King and she was absolutely amazing! Very helpful and understanding. When applying for a loan make sure to request Lisa King! Thank you guys for everything!.

gk wells

I needed money for my business to get me through some governmental work and Expansion Capital helped me get the funds I needed and the process was easy and quick. As with any governmental work the State did not pay me as promised and Expansion Capital again stepped up and lowered my payment to help me, while I waited on the state to pay me. Lisa King has been a wonderful help to me and my business. I would highly recommend Expansion Capital to any small business needing help or trying to expand.

Mary Alice Lopez

Thank you to Chad Oletzke who has been great in helping me secure additional funding for my business. He has made the process effortless and Expansion Capital has provided an awesome experience. In fact, all the staff that I have had contact with in securing this business loan were exceptionally courteous and helpful. Thank you Expansion Capital Group.

Elcar Fence

Chad Oletzke has been a terrific Client Advisor to us. He is very responsive and works diligently to assist us with funding needs. He has interceded with other departments within their firm to make sure we are responded to quickly. Other firms have made us offers but we choose to stay with Expansion because of their customer service.

Stephen Powell

Ms. King made my day. She was pleasant and very easy to work with. She helped accomplish my goals. She is top notch!

Kellie Clifford

I had a great experience with Expansion Capital Group- very professional, organized company. John Mckenzie did an A++ job for me. You will be in good hands with this company.


I don’t know these people or how they got my information! I certainly didn’t give them permission to place a hard inquiry on my credit report!!
NO I DID NOT APPLY FOR A LOAN WITH ANYONE! There is not a signed credit app anywhere as I didn’t apply for credit with anyone!
If you do not remove your inquiry from my report in the next 30 days I will be forced to file a report with the FTC, the BBB and the CFPB!
I have already submitted this to my attorney and you should hear from him soon! Or you could just do the right thing and remove it from my credit file! Then I will just let it go.

Hubert Gaffney

If your a business owner and your considering growing your business and you are in control of your own destiny than this is a perfect solution to road map the cash you need to make the push to grow more invest more into or develop your business the team at ECG are prompt reliable and it’s seemless all you have to do is work your business harder the rewards are worth it. Adol was perfect you should ask for him you will be patiently guided through the steps necessary to make your business be able to take the steps to growth. Prove to yourself how good you really are challenging growth into your business focuses you on the bottom line and it gets even better the longer you work with them. Don’t hesitate click the buttons on this page and ask for Adol you will be moving your business to the front waving the ECG flag !??

Rick Stevens

This is a great company as they worked really well with me and especially Jason.

Cassandra Heckstall

Zain was amazing to work with. I was new business funding. He explained every part of the process in detail and was happy to answer any questions. The process was a lot smoother and quicker than I expected. I would definitely recommend and use ECG for any upcoming funding.


We have worked with ECG for over a year now. Professional firm with great customer service. A very good option for short term funding of your small business.

Jessica D’Amico

THESE GUYS ARE SPAMMERS!!! I get emails from them all the time. I’ve asked them to stop. I’ve unsubscribed. Nothing!!!! They are the worst kind of spammer!!!

ramy elhelw

So, as a business owner, I was looking for a larger loan, and had already several offers on my desk. It just so happened that one of my clients writes these loans. Mr. Andrew from FORAFINANCIAL happily offered to take a look at my loan offers and with out biast tell me if I was getting a fair deal.
Just to back track, these prior loan offers took 3 weeks of back and forth to even get a contract infront of me.

Mr. Andrew collected my info that night after pointing out that I was being charged too much. By the next day I had an offer that he conveyed to me by phone and a contract infront of me 25 min later.

I’m glad to say that not only is he my banker now, but he is a friend. A friend that I will recommend to my entire inner circle.

dee Y

Vicki was A++++++ working with us for a small business working capital loan. She went out of her way to help us, we will continue business with them, the company is great , if u need help with money for your small business, these are the ONES to contact to help you !!!!! AAAAAA+++++++++

Jay Lopez

Second time I’ve used them and both transactions are flawless!!! JORDAN is the man made both transactions super easy and painless!! will use them again and again A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A

Emmett Jones

I don’t know who these people are or how they got my information but I didn’t give Expansion Capital permission to run my credit. I will be sending them a letter to have it remove and Trans union.

MaD Ventures 101

Quick and easy transaction

DJ Tony Neal

I have NO clue who they are but they said I applied for a loan on 10/25/17

Chad Rainey

Have never done business with this company and somehow they obtained my information and will not stop running my personal credit every 3 months. They will not provide me with proof of an application or provide me with the name and number of the firm who sold my information illegally.

Andy Henckel

Can you say bait and switch? I applied for financing, and this company decided to underwrite. (after it traveled through 3 firms) After weeks, we finally signed the contract, and they then changed the terms.

Steven Johnson

spamming company

Jason Bolin


Russ Morris


Raul Espinoza